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Advertise Your Business at and expect  2000 or more banner exposures per day!  

At a cost of only $1.00  per day!... See "Plan B"  below

- Website Design and Hosting Services -


We always strive to keep our clients pleased with our services.

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Website Design: We will design your web page which includes up to 6 photographs and/or images, text and appropriate links.  The starting cost is $100.  Larger sites can cost more depending on the size and complexity of the website you desire.

Website Hosting: Starting at $120 per year depending on the size and maintenance of your website - 

Plan A: Our complete "website design, website hosting, and banner advertising package" can be purchased for a starting price of $580. This includes: (1) your web page design and set up, (2) website hosting for one year, (3) your graphic banner ad design, (4) your banner ad will randomly rotate throughout all of our talk forums  and other pages as well. (5) a text only link at our links page. (6) a text only link at our home page. This price can vary depending on the number, size, and complexity of the web pages that you want to have designed.  We can help you to purchase your very own domain name at  if you wish.

Plan B:  IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE THEN THIS IS OUR MOST COST EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING PLAN. Become a "Banner Ad Sponsor" for maximum exposure - We are offering advertisers a chance to advertise their business by displaying a  600 x 75 or smaller graphic banner ad on our Talk Forums and on our other pages as well. Your banner ad will rotate randomly through out all of the Talk Forums & other pages on this site. Your banner will be hyper-text linked directly back to your website. The price is only $1.00  per day which equals $30 per month or $360.00 per year. This also includes a link to your website at our links page and our homepage. We can assist you in obtaining your own custom graphic banner ad if you don't already have one.  Note - as an advertiser you are entitled to make commercial posts at any discussion board. Remember that advertising costs for your business are tax deductible.  You can monitor your account statistics if you wish at our web adverts site (your password will be sent to you).   

Plan B-1 --- Half-Year Plan...  IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE, Now you can advertise for six months at a slightly higher rate of $1.10 per day or $200  for the six month period... same as Plan B shown above except you pay a slightly higher daily rate... 

Plan B-2 --- Your graphic banner shown at our homepage for an additional $125  for the time of your subscription to either Plan B or Plan B-1

Plan C: OUR TRY AND SEE ADVERTISING PLAN - 10,000 Banner Views for $50. Advertise your business at our Talk Forums and our other pages with your graphic banner ad that is linked to your website as in "Plan B" (see above). You pay 1/2 cents per banner exposure or the equivalent of $50 per 10,000 banner views. You buy a minimum of $50 worth of advertisement exposure. We can assist you in obtaining your own custom graphic banner ad if you don't already have one.  Note - as an advertiser you are entitled to make commercial posts at any discussion board.    

Note: If you want to supply us with your own Graphic Banner then it should be professionally designed, in .gif or .jpg file format, maximum of 600 x 75 pixels (length x width), a maximum of approximately 25 KB in size (slightly larger for animated banners), and may be static or animated...

Graphic Banner Prices:  Static Banners  normally cost $30 each ($30 minimum), prices can vary depending on complexity.    E-mail us at  for your banner needs.  ($30 minimum cost per banner at the rate of $30 per hour for graphic design.. I can spend more time on your  banner if you wish but I will charge you for that time in quarter hour intervals... I can generate an effective banner for you in an hour or less...

Place Your Order via our Secure On-Line Ordering System!

or Call us at: (207) 693-6100

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c/o, LLC
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ph: (207) 693-6100

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